Torque Hire Limited was incorporated on 21 June 2010 with the current registered office situated in Walsall, West Midlands, UK. The company has been running for eleven years. There has only been one director registered since the last confirmation statement posted on 27th January 2012. This director is Martin Rice, who lives in Wiltshire.

The high- torque tools can be used on most cars and vehicles

torque hire

The business provides a total high torque hire solution from a network of manufacturers and distributors. It is one of the leading suppliers of air-brakepulley and impact wrenches worldwide. The total high torque hire solution includes air-brakepulley, impact wrenches, radiator remover tools, pneumatic torque wrenches, screwdrivers, socket extensions and a comprehensive manual. It is one of the companies which offers free shipping within the United Kingdom.

The high- torque tools can be used on most cars and vehicles including trucks, buses, vans, trailers, and many more. The system is a fully automatic system which offers high torque and speed without the need for manual assistance. These high-powered air/impact wrench and wrenches are made from the best stainless steel materials and they feature industry-leading designs and technology. The torque converter is designed to work with universal truck parts and they make use of eight axial stainless steel drain hole pumps.

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