NACE Inspection and Coating Inspector Programs

A NACE inspector can check industrial coatings, Inspectors NACE | equipment painting and metal finishing projects on both onshore and offshore locations. Their job is to evaluate the quality of the coating and verify that the underlying material is not corroding. In addition, they check for dangerous conditions such as equipment failure or structural collapse. In other words, NACE inspectors are an essential part of any industrial project, and their knowledge and experience make them invaluable to any company.

In addition to the NACE Inspection Program, NACE International is also developing its Coating Inspector Program. The program is now offered in a blended learning format, with online and in-person components. The first virtual Level I course is scheduled for March 29-30, 2020, and NACE instructors are opening up their schedules to accommodate student requests. Further, the NACE Inspection Program offers multiple certification options for coating inspectors, with a range of levels to choose from.

Professionals who become NACE certified can find jobs in a variety of industries. These fields include oil and gas, maritime, automotive, and industrial. All of these industries are experiencing individual growth and will need a higher demand for anti-corrosion coatings in the future. Surehand offers online platforms where certified candidates can create their own profiles and get the jobs that match their qualifications. Once certified, they can easily find work in their field. The site also includes information on how to become a NACE certified professional.

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