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UK interior designers are the ones who are blazing the trail in the world of interiors. These individuals are not only creating functional spaces but also incorporating sustainable materials to help save the environment. Learn more

Some of the best UK interior designers are Katharine Pooley, Kelly Hoppen, Bobby Berk, Rose Uniacke and Oliver Burns. Their designs are infused with classic British style and world influences.

Veere Grenney, who is an English interior designer, counts Madonna and Victoria Beckham as clients. Her designs include wood flooring and interesting furniture silhouettes. She also has a range of fine furnishings and accessories.

Interior designers are also known as FF&E (furniture, fittings and equipment) designers in the UK. Interior design consists of making use of the natural light, reducing dust and other indoor pollutants. It also increases the energy efficiency of the house.

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Interior Designers are also called interior decorators in some countries. They can turn a drab and dowdy home into a place of luxury and comfort. You can ask them to recommend the best furnishings, decorative finishes, and other features for your space.

Interior Designers work on a wide variety of projects. Many choose to be self-employed, while others work for a firm. This way they can make their own unique visions a reality.

Interior designers often combine their knowledge of architecture with their knowledge of design to create functional, yet stylish spaces. Some interior designers specialize in one area of the design process, while others have the expertise to make everything from the floor plan to the final decor.

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