The 2WD dyno refers to a remote start for off road trucks and SUVs. The parts of this system are the remote control and the starter. You can turn the tires over so the front wheels will spin, this makes turning the tires over a lot easier. A remote start allows you to turn the engine without rolling the front tires over which is very dangerous. Be sure to practice turning the tires over and testing to make sure that you have done it correctly before trying it on your own.

Why need to you 2WD no Evo

2wd dyno


Now that you have the truck and tires setup the first thing that you want to do is create a conversation starter so that other people know what you have and if you are having any issues or problems the owner’s manual might be able to help you with that. For this discussion starter you will need an awd converter and a fan. The awd converter is for the air to air transfer and the fan will move the coolant so you won’t have to worry about freezing brakes or hitting the highway while waiting for the coolant to come on. When installing these items you will want to install them in reverse order so that the first part comes on the back side then the front. Also, you may want to have a friend help you install these as they will be able to guide you and help you make sure that you get everything put together properly.

Now, that you have everything installed and you are ready to tune the engine, change the filter, and tune the brakes you will need to disconnect the battery so that the electric components are not damaged in the process. With the battery removed, you will need to remove the air filter and attach the new filter. Once you have done that you will be ready to place the new monitor onto the end of the existing gasket and bolt it down. Then you will bolt the fan onto the end of the fan and connect the wires. Make sure to get the proper wiring diagram for your vehicle if you are not familiar with these items.

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